Consulting is a terrible word. it does little to sum up the iterative process of walking through a period of change with a person, or an organization. Let’s think of some new ways to refer to this process… change architecture, journey co-creators, mavens of organizational adjustment, metamorphosis squad… okay, those were kind of far out there. Maybe we’ll just stick with consulting for now.

Really though, change is good – it is just difficult. Most of us have difficulty seeing the things that can and should be changed within ourselves and our organizations from inside the structures we have created. Sometimes it takes an objective visitor to really take a look and help to see the places that we can improve. My approach to consulting is a little different to those you may have worked with in the past. I believe that first and foremost, we should be having fun as we co-create your future. I believe that we should have buy-in from all the stakeholders as we move forward, and I believe that a team that is united can achieve anything.

I have consulted on the subject of organizational sustainability, web presence and media development, program development, and even personal change for leaders. I work closely with my clients to ensure that they are supported every step of the process of change to ensure a successful transition to the brave new future ahead.

Contact me today to see how we could work together to make your future brighter.

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