What’s in a resume anyway? Like anyone really worth their weight could ever be summed up in a couple of sheets of paper. I guess it is one of those necessary evils though, so I went ahead and did it… here is my resume, a page devoted to listing all of the things I­­­­’ve been up to for the last few years.

That being said, I’m not the traditional employee. Most of the projects I’ve listed here were short to intermediate term consulting projects with specific tasks and outcomes. I’ve done my best to outline the fundamental components of my time with each group, but this list would go on for weeks if I was to really get in-depth about the actual roles, responsibilities, and outcomes of each and every one. So, let’s just call this, “the highlight reel.”

If you like the tactile sensation of paper in your hands, you can always download a hard copy of this resume by clicking here.

Be sure to let me know if you have any questions. I’d be happy to provide references upon request.

Obodo   |   Founder   |   2015-Present

An online platform providing a complete ecosystem of support to the formerly incarcerated, their families and the organizations that serve them.

  • Met with dozens of individuals and organizations all across the U.S to find out what needs they perceived as most important.
  • Developed the web platform using cutting edge web-development tools.
  • Developed relationships with curriculum developer from across the U.S. and worked together to develop unique curriculum for the platform.

Juniper Communities   |   Founder, Board Chairman   |   2012-2014

A therapeutic community committed to assisting people who are ready for change to move beyond a lifestyle of alcoholism, addiction, and incarceration.

  • Researched more than 15 therapeutic community models across the United States to devise plan for programmatic implementation.
  • Secured $50,000 in grant funding and $25,000 in donor funding to begin operations.
  • Developed curriculum to provide training and support for residents of the program.
  • Assisted 23 residents to achieving sobriety, employment, housing, transportation, and an improved sense of well-being as they move forward after incarceration and treatment.

Bridgeway Behavioral Health   |   Program Development Consultant   |   2011-2012

A drug and alcohol treatment center serving more than 3000 clients annually.

  • Facilitated discussions with clients to determine needs for those returning from incarceration and leaving treatment
  • Researched different programmatic opportunities and models all over the country.
  • Worked with c-level staff and board to Develop 24-month plan for implementation.
  • Implemented plan to found Juniper Communities.

One-Eighty   |   Co-Founder, Co-Chair emeritus, Board member   |   2009-Present

A community organization working to unite organizations that serve ex-offenders in St. Charles, Lincoln and Warren Counties.

  • Wrote charter and developed operational structure for the organization
  • Developed relationships with more than 20 different organizations to facilitate communication and cooperation between the different bodies.
  • Increased training opportunities for those working to serve ex-offenders and their families.
  • Actively facilitated discussions between multiple state agencies to improve services for ex-offenders.
  • Served as Co-Chair for 2 years.

Tri-County Citizen’s Advisory Board   |   Board member   |   2009-Present

A community organization working in concert with Missouri Division of Probation and Parole to provide micro-grants to those in need of assistance in the areas of housing, medical, utility, mental health and drug and alcohol treatment.

  • Worked with members of a seven person board to review and approve worthy grant applications.
  • Developed and implemented fund raising ventures including: trivia nights, bowling nights, craft shows, and gift card sales
  • Generated awareness of the plight of ex-offenders through speaking engagements and public relations campaigns.

Connections to Success   |   Employment Program Consultant   |   2009-2011

An organization committed to breaking the cycle of poverty through hope resources and a plan.

  • Refined personal and professional development curriculum to engage a broad array of clientele including ex-offenders, alcoholics, drug addicts and other challenging populations.
  • Developed relationships with outside organizations to facilitate referrals, volunteers, speakers, and financial support.
  • Managed volunteers to assure accurate messaging across the organization.
  • Facilitated classroom discussions with more than 70 clients of the organization.

Saturday Jubilee   |   Co-Founder, Web developer, Board member   |   2008-Present

A collective of organizations working to alleviate hunger in the St. Louis Metropolitan are through large-scale coordinated food drives.

  • Worked with a team to design and execute the annual event.
  • Developed web infrastructure to manage volunteer sign-up and coordination, media inquiries, and centralized project management.
  • Worked a s driver, and volunteer for the annual event.

SENTralized   |  Board member   |  2006-2011

An organization working to mobilize untapped resources in local communities of faith.

  • Developed web infrastructure used to coordinate volunteer efforts
  • Facilitated relationships for more than 15 different faith communities and community organizations

Goodtime Medical   |   National Marketing Consultant, Web Developer   |   2008-2009

A national manufacturer of pediatric exam tables and medical furniture.

  • Developed web infrastructure leading to more effective online sales and customer management, and customer service after the sale.
  • Developed and implemented new marketing plan consisting of a new strategy in online direct sales, traditional direct sales, a new distribution network, and referral marketing.
  • Increased national sales by 12% through a blend of new direct sales and a network of distributors.
  • Secured new GSA Federal Procurement Contract worth over $500,000

MVI, Inc.    |   Southwest Regional Sales Consultant   |   2007-2008

A regional distributor of process automation components.

  • Developed new relationships with OEM accounts leading to an increase of 17% in OEM business.
  • Fostered strategic partnerships with manufacturers to deliver unique branded solutions to customers leading to an increase in OEM sales.
  • Maintained relationships with more than 80 accounts all over the Southwest region of Missouri.

Cleaveland Construction   |   Owner   |   2005-2007

A firm specializing in supportive labor solutions for the exterior remodeling industry.

  • Built organization to service more than 15 larger organizations with crews installing a variety of exterior remodeling products including, windows, doors, roofing, siding, and gutters.
  • Maintained relationships with customers and facilitated shift to outsourced labor, increasing capacity to handle temporary increases in workload.
  • Managed a workforce of more than 25 personnel

Miracle Mile Media   |   Owner   |   2001-2005

A media company specializing in print, web development, video and film production for local, regional, and national media outlets.

  • Operated a variety of production equipment including standard and HD video cameras, film cameras, sound and lighting equipment, teleprompters, and editing equipment.
  • Provided operational support for local and national production companies including: TLC, The Discovery Channel, Reuters, CNN, MTV, VH1, Barlow Productions, Bad Dog Pictures, and more.
  • Provided full-service production of print, web, and video for local businesses.

Cleaveland Lawn and Land   |   Owner   |   1997-2001

A full-service lawncare and landscape company.

  • Provided year-round maintenance for more than 40 residential and commercial customers including large multi-unit commercial properties.
  • Designed and installed commercial and residential landscapes
  • Developed complete business model including a robust marketing plan that included direct mail, telemarketing, direct sales, and referral marketing programs.
  • Supervised and managed 3-6 employees.


Western Governor’s University | MBA | 2015 (expected)

Lindenwood University   |   B.S. Business Management   |   2010-2014

St. Charles Community College   |   General Educational Classes   |   1998-1999