So, I talk alot. Not just when I’m at lunch or hanging out with my family either. I talk alot when I’m in front of a room full of people. Speaking just sort of comes naturally to me. I talk about all sorts of things while I’m up there. I talk about social enterprise and entrepreneurship. I talk about the future of social work. I talk about ex-offenders, alcoholism, and addiction. But, my favorite thing to talk about is change.

I’ve included the subjects of several of my recent talks below. I’d be happy to come out and talk with your group about any of the subjects listed below or anything else you might have on your mind. Contact me for more info on how to get me to wherever you are. For more information about me and my background, be sure to check out the about me page and my resume.

Volunteerism and the Path to Meaning for the Formerly Incarcerated

-Metropolitan Volunteer Management Association 2012
-Tri-County Citizen’s Advisory Board Volunteer Appreciation Banquet 2011

Social Enterprise as a Means to a sustainable Future for Non-Profits

-Lindenwood University Non-Profit Administration Program 2013
-Missouri Department of Corrections Re-entry Conference 2012

Measuring Hope: Lessons Learned in the Creation of a Therapeutic Rehabilitation Community

-National Association of Social Workers National Conference 2012

Reentry and the Needs of Those Returning From Incarceration

-One-Eighty General Assembly Meeting 2012
-St. Charles County Community Council 2012