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WirdPress | Jason Cleaveland

WordPress Development

Custom plugins and themes. Bespoke web application integration.

PHP | Jason Cleaveland

Web Application Development

Enterprise application integration and data management systems

MySQL | Jason Cleaveland

Database Design and Maintenance

Data system design and accessible, distributed reporting and maintenance.

HTML | Jason Cleaveland

Clean, Accessible Design and Layout

Custom plugins and themes. Bespoke web application integration.

CSS | Jason Cleaveland

CSS Layout and Design

Clean, usable design with cross-browser compatibility.

JavaScript | Jason Cleaveland

JavaScript and jQuery

Tight integration of various libraries and extensions.

LAMP Stack | Jason Cleaveland

LAMP Stack System Admin

Installation, administration of LAMP stack on various hardware.

Digital Ocean | Jason Cleaveland

Digital Ocean Cloud Computing

Create and maintain fast, inexpensive, and scalable hosting environments.

WPMU Dev | Jason Cleaveland

WPMU Dev Hosting Platform

Install and manage WordPress sites in white-labeled client-centric portal.

Cloudways | Jason Cleaveland

Managed Cloud Hosting Platform

Install and manage scalable WordPress Laravel, Magento, Native PHP applications.

Photoshop | Jason Cleaveland

Photoshop Image Manipulation

Create and modify images and projects for web-safe display.

Affinity Photo | Jason Cleaveland

Affinity Photo

Crop, resize and edit images for print, video and/or web display.

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