A quick note on deviance

The Ramones are quite possibly the greatest punk band to ever assail the eardrums of the New York Pink Scene of the ’70s. The Ramones, know three chords. The Ramones are dirty, smelly rock junkies who live in vans and drink copious amounts of alcohol while corrupting the impressionable youth. Perhaps all three of these … [Read more…]

What’s in a Personal Brand Anyway?

Have you heard about this “personal brand” thing that is catching on? No, what the hell is it? Why do I care? Just what  are you getting at here Jason? I’m glad you asked! I’ve worked for a long time to build a reputation among the people I work with whether they are clients, co-workers, … [Read more…]

Learning Empathy – The Art of Listening


“Yeah, I heard you”, he said with a look that would peel paint from a car door. “You may have heard me, but were you listening”, she replied. “I said I heard you what more do you want!” We’ve all heard this scenario play out before… hell, I think I’ve been on both sides of … [Read more…]