Enterprise CRM
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The Project

Client: Connections to Success, et.al.
Completed: 2015 - 2020
Platform: WordPress Multisite
Plugins: Beaver Builder, Formidable Forms, Custom PHP Application
Hosting: Digital Ocean VPN


A non-profit organization received a $5 million grant to administer their program across several sites over a 5-year period. They required a data management and reporting system that would allow users from all sites to record and report on data discreet to their site while allowing central access for global reporting.

A WordPress multisite was used as the backbone of the project to provide the user management and multi-tenant capabilities with the ability contain a custom PHP web application to track and report the data


Coding of the project presented several challenges - creating a simple but flexible data model, building a reporting engine from scratch, and organizing the data on screen in a simple but complete manner.

However, perhaps the biggest of these was around the ongoing training and support of staff and the flexibility needed as the project morphed over the course of 5 years. To solve this, a custom LMS was implemented to keep training centralized and consistent.