I am Here

And so it begins.

This little foray into the blogosphere is underway and frankly, it freaks me out just a little bit. I have always had this little idea in the back of my mind that I had something to say. I had a tendency to say whatever it was that I had to say out loud and usually out of turn. I imagine that this thing might become some sort of weird conglomeration of poetry, music, photography and maybe even a little bit of social entrepreneurship. I hope that as this thing grows, someone might find it useful and great. Just a few days ago, my horoscope said

Take charge of your group. Assert yourself. Everyone is secretly looking up to you.

I wonder if it was right? I figure the worst that could happen if I head out and do this thing on my own is that I lose big and run around the streets homeless and destitute. Would that really be so bad?


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